Sunday, October 5, 2008

A good night's sleep...

You know how you can just be cruisin' along, feeling good, everything's making sense and then one morning you wake up to a big ol tangle-y ball of mess? Its nothing big; nothing painful or deadly, just way too much grown up junk for one day.
That's pretty much how I've woken up everyday this past week.
The mural wall is sucking up primer like crazy* the car has a rail road spike in the tire* 2 trips to the dealership* crappy health insurance* crappy management company suddenly dumping a "you need to sign a year lease" letter on us, even though we've been month-to-month for 8 years under the management of the actual building owner, meanwhile, said management company has been thoroughly useless in helping with Smokey McHacking-Cough (our few months new downstairs neighbor. Also known as the reason our house smells like a casino. Also known as the reason I can't breathe in my own apartment.). *oh yeah, and they're raising the rent too* I was "going" to write them a letter to point out how they were in breach of contract, second hand smoke laws, Dr's notes etc... They beat me to it with this; I complain and have to leave, it seems* so? Do we move? I don't really want to pack. Rent is cheap. Is it worth the annoyance of the smoke and letting them "win"? Can I get a day off to decide!?!*

It doesn't work that way, right?
So, I'm putting on my beamiest, Henson-iest face, and taking this one problem at a time.

Starting with sleep.

Here's to a better week for all!
Xoxo, danamarie
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Hyperchondriac said...


is your old landlord still coming by to check in on you? can't you talk to him?


bridget marie said...

That sucks dearly, my friend. BUT, you can take it from someone who has moved a gazillion times throughout her life, it's not that bad. PLUS, you have a million friends who would be happy to help you move! I know I would be glad to offer my dachshund-sitting services to you while you are packing!! ; - )

Also, I know you know - everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is a sign to begin a new chapter of your life...especially with the new mural! ;)

B & Merlot