Monday, July 21, 2008

artscape: recovery recap

i have to take a second (and really, despite all my plans to make some giant, beautiful artscape post, i just can't muster it. i feel SO sick... hoping to goodness that its not the flu, but fearing it might be, so it will just be a second) to thank all the wonderful people who braved the icky, sticky, nasty 100 degrees of humid grossness this weekend to come by--- i met almost 200 new people, who all took home home greenstargoodies and i think that's just plain great.

it was SO hot this weekend... and getting up at 4am to be on site for our tv spot by 5:30, meant only one thing--- the breakfast of champions (if there were no other reasons to move to new england, it would be dunkin donuts. i love them with almost all my heart)

it took me 2 sticky, sweaty hours JUST to hang my banners. this is my frustrated face.

but eventually, i DID manage to get it all set up and i couldn't have been happier with the result (look at the new banner in action!).

i was told over and over again what a happy, unexpected & cheerful booth i had. the word cute (for those of you who were counting... and i know at least one girl was (sorry i didn't catch your name, but you know who you are!) was thrown around a total of 98 more times, after you first pointed it out to me... i DID keep track for you like i said i would!) and all but a handful of knitimals were snatched up and taken to their new homes. among the other hot new items--- t-shirts sold like hotcakes (a phrase i've never understood--- how bout this "t-shirts sold like Knitimals!"), it looks like every household in baltimore will be using Knitimal Soap in the coming months and there are a lot of happy babies and kids out there with very cool new decor for their rooms. (Speaking of which--- special thanks to Danna & Kira for bringing baby NATE to meet me. Oh my is he ever a handsome devil! If anyone wants to see the mural i painted for a then-not-yet-born-baby nate, you can do that here)

i'd also like to thank Christy for including me in her favorite things.

and now that it's done, i'm going to take a week "off" from blogging and such, but welcome you to peruse the etsy shop and enjoy a 10% discount if you use the code: ARTSCAPE10, in the message to seller box--- i will refund the 10% after you've checked out and paid--- valid through August 1st.

AND, let's not forget this:

***want to be entered into a drawing to win a $40 shopping spree in my etsy shop? visit my blog & post a comment on the "wanna save $$$" post, and you'll be in the running. the winner will be drawn on & announced on July 24th, and announced via email & in my shop header. And yes, please feel free to forward this along to anyone who might want to be considered, or who might want to enjoy "virtual artscape" on etsy*** you have one more day to post a comment to enter the drawing! good luck!

xo, danamarie

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Caitlin said...

Heheh, i like saving money...

Does that mean to reply to this post? I couldn't find one titled "wanna save $". I also let one of my online friends know about this; i showed her your Etsy shop & she really liked the Knitimals. :)

(I hope i'm not bothering you.)