Tuesday, July 22, 2008

artscape orphans

its true.
artscape nearly wiped me out.
actually--- if i hadn't sewn at blister causing pace on Friday & Saturday night, i would only have 4 Knitimals left. Lucky for you, i have a few more than that to offer!

(l-r) Baisy $200--14" ear to toe; Wilbur $90--12" ear to toe; Lawton $70--10.5" tall

and a picture with the flash (this is why taking pictures at night is so lame)

(l-r) Campbell $160--14" ear to toe; Pickoos $88--11" ear to toe; Daryl $120-- 17.5" ear to toe; nayte $56--12" tall

and again, with flash

(l-r) beeel $45--6.5" tall; windo $48-- 9"; x.o. exoh $48--6.5" tall (and i should say this about x.o exoh, since the flash burned it out, he's knit with a different stitch around his eyes, so even though he's all red, his eyes, the sewn on "pupil" parts are actually in the middle of larger (about an inch and a half diameter) raised stockinette stitch circles. i think that's cool, since i don't do that often).

there you have it!
you guys get first dibs (AND a 10% discount!!!) before i list them on etsy. if you want to take any of them home, send me an email and i'll send you an invoice.

for anyone looking for non-knitimal goodies--- please stop by my etsy shop (there are also a few knitimals looking for homes there); i will be updating the shop next week... when i recover from what the other BEST girls and i have taken to calling the "artscape hangover". this week i'm at summer camp with 3rd graders... and possibly the flu.
xo, danamarie


greenstarstudio said...

note: Daryl has just been adopted!

Caitlin said...

D'aw. Windo's so cute, but i don't know if i should be spending money. (eheh)

I did, however, pick up one of the custom order forms this past weekend at Artscape. Hopefully one day, someday... :)