Thursday, April 24, 2008

The view from up here!

Hello! I'm up high! I'm covered in pollen from squeezing between the bushes and the wall. I just bonked my head on two of the scaffolding bars I didn't walk underneath long enough. There's a man hanging out at the bottom of the scaffolding ladder who yells "I see how it is!" everytime I STOP listening to his drunken ramblings. And just how many times would YOU think you'd need to shout "that's my car you're pissing on!" before a well dressed man, covered in gold jewelry would stop pissing on your car?. (his response was "I'm pissing on your street not your damn car" and then later, "I wouldn't piss on your car; I'm not THAT rude" and then "where would you piss if you had to go?" ... I kept my first answer to myself and just said "I dunno, in the grocery store maybe"). Despite some, er, distractions, I finished one of the faces and I think it's super sweet. Yes? Xo
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Hyperchondriac said...

hey! I'm coming up to Baltimore this weekend for Fair. Can you come? Can I see you? And the new puppy?


Geek Booteek said...

Looks awesome dude!!!