Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a-painting we will go

for those keeping track... the score is now:
scorching sun: 1/ danamarie: 0

yes, in the calm, shady afternoon i STILL managed to get a sunburn. yes, i am THAT white.
but, despite the flesh burning reminder to always, ALWAYS apply copious amounts of sunscreen no matter what, i managed to prime, paint and sketch out the design for the new mural at the Waverly Giant.

here it is all painted up--- look at the mottling! doesn't it look "old" and "historic"? (please say it does)

i didn't take pictures of this part, but before i could get the images drawn (with paint and brush) onto the wall, i had to figure out the proportions and the scale change between my sketch and the actual wall. this poor drawing has been altered and scaled and rescaled at least a dozen times. there was this really funny half an hour of me taping painters tape blue "L's" every 3.5' on the wall, (so i could use them as guidelines on the kinda-sorta grid i'd drawn on my sketch), but the measurements i'd been given weren't right, so i had to do some 3rd grade math at 15 feet and well... there's a reason i'm not in 3rd grade anymore. I finally got it figured out and got the faces laid in.

and with little consequence... it actually went surprisingly quickly (despite the initial "shouldn't have have come as a surprise but did anyway" shock of thinking "gosh these heads look way too big!"... of course they do; they are now over 4 feet across as opposed to 2").

Thursday i'll be back out there (provided my paint is ready) and starting to block in the color on the bottom and in the large faces. It's funny, but the bottom of this mural is going to be the hardest part (usually its the tippity top i have trouble with). In this case, it's UNDER the scaffolding and the ground is mulch and flower beds and there's a row of bushed giving me about a 10" space to squeeze between the flora and the wall. Hopefully it's not poison sumac. i'll wear long sleeves just in case... and PLENTY of sunscreen! xoxo, danamarie

wanna know more about the project? waverly murals

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Kel said...

I can't wait to see the result! I think I am coming to Baltimore in early June, and I plan to take a peek in person :)