Friday, April 11, 2008

how we embroider

I'm juggling quite a few projects these days (which, in order to maintain sanity, I am only discussing one or two at a time... Conversely, I am working on them all at once. And I wonder why I had a migraine last night?). Anyway, todays highlighted project is rebuilding the sadly diminished knitimal collection. For months the pieces have been knit but balled up into little "pre kinitimal" packets... Like knitimal sushi rolls, waiting to be sewn. Yesterday I managed to sew up 2 dolls (have I mentioned before that sewing all those seams by hand takes HOURS? And why did I have that migraine last night?). Today, however, I'm embroidering. Yet another entry for the softies, this little guy is (as the category requires) "embroidered to death!).

Little mason has taken up residency on my lap (he's not feeling well and was up all night crying. And WHY did I have that migraine last night?!?), SO this is how we embroider today.

Stay tuned for new project updates like: painting the butterfly, mocking up the mural color and new coloring books.

Oh, also, if you're local... You can pick up a drawing of mine, entitled "at the door" at the MAP (Maryland art place) "out of order" silent auction this evening. Tickets are $40 and serve not only as donations to this wonderfully necessary organization, but also get you music, food and open bar! Plus a chance to bid on and take home some local art!

Xo, danamarie

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