Thursday, October 11, 2007

PLUSH YOU 2007: baisy, bonnee & zeen

***************************well, i'm in seattle, and so are the knitimals. i stopped by today, ever so briefly, to check in with the kids. the opening isn't until tomorrow, but i wanted to make sure they were ok. they are. they're in good company... over 100 artists from all over the world! here are baisy, bonnee & zeen hanging out in Fancy, just waiting to be adopted by someone with really good taste. the kids will be insitu for a month... so, if you want one of them, stop in to Fancy, OR, give them a call (if you live far away). alright, i have to go get used to the 3 hour time difference and save up my pep for the opening tomorrow. i have my eye on a few additions to my personal collection too, so i have to go plan my expenditures. xoxo d.

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