Friday, September 14, 2007

michigan is for... Knitimals™!

well friends, this is a very exciting day for us at greenstarstudio... that's right, the knitimals have officially gone west young man... well, not ALL the way west, but retail wise, they've stopped hugging the east coast. this group of wooly knit friends is now residing in ann arbor, at red shoes! my good e-buddie, catherine and her sweet dog, pearl, have taken them in and put them into a new comfy corner where they can bring all their joy to the good people of michigan. if you happen to be one of these good people, go in and take one home with you! the knitimals, and i, feel very fortunate to be in such a COOL store. want to know more about red shoes?
check it out here!
xoxo danamarie

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