Sunday, September 16, 2007

from start to finish! one panel's journey

i thought it might be fun to share with you a little of the process of mural painting (well, at least MY process!). this particular panel is one of my favorites. it's supposed to show the health department's service: "emergency preparedness". so, in the first picture you see the painted background and the sketch. i actually painted the backrground of THREE panels and then did all the sketches one day last week. i find that toward the end its easier on me if i break the tasks down some. the sketching, you'll be interested to know, is actually done in paint, not pencil... again, with something of this size, i prefer to skip the middle man! then you can see the first step, or part of the first steps of the painting. its an undercoat of sorts; i've found that painting on brick is a lot more fun if i can fill in more of the spaces in the bricks before i try to go for detail. so, i paint in big blocks of color to build a foundation, so to speak. and then, the final image... i LOVE the dad's face. look at his beaming cuteness. oh he's so good.

there's probably one 2 more work days left on this puppy, so i'll keep you posted for sure!
xoxo danamarie

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