Friday, August 17, 2007

it starts!

painting outside is a funny thing. with permission, it's a mural... without, it's graffiti. unless you don't have a permit, in which case its a mural but it makes a lot of guys in suits very unhappy. this is my way of saying that the project was delayed slightly while the people involved (everyone but me) re-organized and got their t's crossed. so the OFFICIAL start date was today, the 17th. the theme of the mural is, naturally, the health department and the services it offers & the roles it plays in our community. there are 6 panels in this piece, each with a different "role" portrayed: immunization, homeless services, emergency preparedness, health & clinic services, animal services and senior services. in each image, the "service" offered by the health department will be depicted by a small glowing heart (the pictogram kind, not the anatomy kind). this will eliminate me having to figure out how to tactfully show "needles" and "drugs". ... enter, THE HEART! i'll be painting, hopefully, Monday, Tuesday and Sunday each week, so i'll keep you posted with my daily progress, ok? if you live in baltimore, come see it in person... 210 Guilford Ave. xoxo dana

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