Friday, August 10, 2007

introducing riley (and smeredith, wolliver & grambell)

one of the things i love most about my "job" (ha! job... that's rich), is the amazing people i get to meet and interact with. and one of the things i love most about THAT, is seeing how totally and completely these people involve themselves in my work and the active pursuit of COLLECTING it. and what i love most about THAT, is when those people are barely out of elementary school. its with that graceful introduction that i say: "meet riley". now, i don't have a picture of riley, but he's CUTE (trust me). and smart. and clever and has a very active imagination. he's also the proud owner/roommate/collector of 3 knitimals. you'll notice in the picture he sent me that smeredith (the first knit friend to join his family) is wearing a very cool knit sash of sorts... riley made that. i think it makes smeredith look very "smart". i have also heard that these three have a very swanky loft in riley's room. occasionally i get emails from wolliver, who has the perfect stubby feet for typing (just not legibly). grambell joined the family at the columbia festival of the arts, back in june... and you better believe that when it came time for a new friend to join the family, smeredith and wolliver were right there (in riley's backpack) to help pick out the right friend. we can't take these things lightly... afterall, this is a friendship we're cultivating. it's also an art collection we are building. and how COOL are WE that we can have and do both of those things at the same time? so, thank you riley (and all you other totally amazing, totally strange, totally wonderful collectors, adopters and fans) for all your words and pictures--- funny, bizarre and the like. keep on being cool! xoxo dana

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