Thursday, August 2, 2007

harbor east fine arts & music festival

just a reminder that this is coming up... don't worry... i'll remind you about it at least 50 more times. but, i wanted to check in real quick because look how cool! 'maryland family' used one of MY illustrations to advertise this fine, family friendly festival. i've only seen it online because none of the places that supposedly carry this publication (in my area at least) actually have it, SO, if you see one in the flesh (er, in the paper), please grab it for me! xo. dana

maryland family magazine: hot dates

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Hyperchondriac said...

OMG. Dana. I had no idea you started a blog! Guess who's going to be reading this FREQUENTLY??!!
anyways, miss you. i'm back in MD. not exactly in Baltimore but I'm just a couple train stops away. We have to meet up soon! its been WAYYYY too long!