Friday, August 3, 2007

farmer's market day one!

so, many of you have probably heard that i am doing another mural at the site of the farmers' market downtown (under the 83 overpass). its a really cool project and really, who wouldn't want to look at a more spruced up pillar? if something is going to hold up the highway, why not paint it? those of you who live in baltimore know that it was 100 degrees here today. and who wouldn't want to spend the day standing on a ladder with sweat pouring into their eyeballs? not me! i am all over it. the columns are about 18' tall, so i spent the first day of painting, priming and getting the base color for the sky and water down. i wanted to get all the images drawn on too (actually painted on... i didn't even sketch it first... i'm daring like that) but my neck starting getting all cramped and cricked, so i went home for the night with a little less than i had planned completed. that's what tomorrow is for.

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