Tuesday, July 24, 2007

post-festival apartment squalor

so, taking a cue from my online buddy catherine, over at redshoeshomegoods.com, whose own blog recently highlighted the reality of her otherwise seemingly clean and "with it" life, i've decided to share with you, my reading audience, just exactly what the greenstarhome looks like AFTER (and in the weeks leading up to) a show, which in case you've done any quick math you'll realize is like, oh, all the time.
let the horrow show begin.
now, i'll say that it's probably not evident in the photos (god, i hope its not!), but we have dog-hair-tumbleweeds almost bigger than the dog itself.

what we see here is what the festival booth looks like AFTER it comes down and comes back into the apartment, where it will live in the hallway, obstructing our walkway and causing a half dozen stubbed toes, for a month or so, until the next show when it will be carted one piece at a time down the stairs and back into the car. we also see piles of "things to make" and "things to make things out of". and of course, poor shiloh, regarding these piles and asking so sweetly... when oh when will i get space to stretch out again. look at her pleading little eyes.

i hope this teaches us all that dirt is cool. clutter is better. and organization is time spent NOT knitting or sewing or painting and that time is just more fun. with that in mind, i'll ask you not to say "i told you so" when i complain about my allergies or stubbed toes. xo danamarie.

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