Monday, July 23, 2007


yay artscape! yay repetative beats and drunken masses! yes ladies and gents, that day has come (and gone) and thank you so much to all the lovely folks i met this weekend... and all the old friendswho were sure to stop by. check it out, by the way, greenstarstudio whipped out a new booth layout. those of you who got to experience this new "multi-sensory trip into the inner most levels of my mind" (also known as: canvas and acrylic knitimal panels, tap lights and colorful display banners) seemed to enjoy the changes, so thanks. as i write this now, i am acutely aware of the lack of sleep and ground in dirt that won't be showered away, that is artscape. 3 days of sun and dust, and before it, at least a month of obsessive production and brainstorming (not to mention packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking the bins and rubbermaids that carry my wares and necessities to shows. i like things "just so"). every day of artscape just got better and better. half of my knit friends went home with new friends and well... there's not a frame or box or journal left. i couldn't produce other work fast enough! so thank you--- thank you for wanting to own things i make. thank you for buying handmade. thank you to every single person who came in and told me my work was cute or sweet or gentle or positive or unique or wonderful or weird (in a good way)... thank you for reminding me that this little venture of mine really IS a good idea (i mean, i think it is, but i can only own so much of my own work, ya dig?). i should be getting the website updated again in a couple weeks tops, SO, if you saw anyone or anything at artscape you wanted but didnt go home with, let me know and i'll get it right out to you. xoxo danamarie
(next stop: harbor east fine arts & music festival!, august 25th).

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