Saturday, June 23, 2007

news of the visionary kind

the KNITIMALS™ have done it, ladies and gents--- they have infiltrated the wacky, wonderful walls of the American Visionary Art Museum here in baltimore. for years people have been telling me (and rightly so) that Sideshow, the gift shop at AVAM, would be a great space for the Knitimals... i'd like to say i'm fearless, but those of you who know me know that i can be a little stubborn when it comes to trying something i think i might fail at. thus, i put off approaching the good people over at Sideshow until 2 weeks ago. its a funny story... basically the day began with me (and estelle, my "day-time daughter") going out on what we thought was a sure thing retail visit (it wasn't). we were prepared to talk shop. we had a car full of knitimals. we were hungry (me for getting my work out in the public eye... estelle, probably for macaroni and cheese). we'd promised the knitimals today would be the day for some of them. i couldn't just bring them back home! i was on a mission. so, maybe it was the "you can't tell me what to do" vibe i was feeding off of, but i decided that there was no time like the present and i really wanted to see the knitimals at sideshow--- i'd been avoiding failure for two years and that was just plain silly. more silly was worrying about failing. if they weren't interested in carrying my work, no harm, no foul; it would just be another little road block in the already less than perfect day. so, we parked the car, fed the meter, got ourselves stamped as "ok" for the shop but not the galleries--- i on my hand, estelle on her leg--- and we walked off toward the future, nervous, but steady. only a minute later, we were confident. we were SO well recieved by the Sideshow staff, and after a lovely little visit, estelle and i walked out 5 knitimals lighter. it was great. so reassuring, and another great reminder for me (and i find i need these) that i really DO know what i am doing... ah, sweet success! i'm so proud of them. the Visionary, if you haven't been, by the way, is a MAJOR must visit here in baltimore. an entire museum dedicated to untrained artists making some of the must gut-torn, heart felt, amazing art you've ever seen. so good. so so good. anyway, this is mr. ledu and if you want him, head over there and pick him up! (if you want to see who else is there, check out the listings in the "knitimals 2007" section of my website. for more on AVAM---check this out:
american visionary art museum

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