Tuesday, June 12, 2007

chalk it up!

....sooooo, have you ever drawn on asphalt? with chalk? in the rain? i did! as you know, i participated in the columbia festival of the arts this past weekend and for a few hours on sunday i left my booth in jess's capable hands and stepped outside to draw with chalk. i was totally winging it. i brought brushes and a spray bottle (a lark) and figured out i could use them to smush the chalk into a paint of sorts. the image is based off of one of my illustrations ("new thunder") and i am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. ESPECIALLY since half way through the process, it started raining and i had to fashion, in a macguyver-y way, a tarp made out of towels and garbage bags and plastic shelving. in the end, my butt was wet and asphalt dimpled, BUT, i won first place and took home a very pretty penny. well, a check... look at my confused/bemused schrinchy face in this picture. its just chalk, dana... its just chalk.

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