Wednesday, October 7, 2009

waiting in the airport...

i'm in atlanta (which any geography buff will recognize as the most logical halfway point between baltimore & seattle...) waiting for my next flight to leave. i have 3 hours. i wonder what i was thinking when i booked these tickets... surely there was a later flight leaving baltimore for atlanta... or one that bypassed the southeast altogether.

so far i've discovered some lovely things: wireless ON the plane now, on airtran. I didn't use it, but i liked knowing it was there. and more important, they now serve vitamin water as a complimentary beverage option. two flavors too! essential (the orange one) and revive (the fruit punch one... or "purple" as we call it). i went with orange.

my excitement over the vitamin water reminded me of another AWESOME thing i totally forgot about the last time i was in seattle--- they still sell Balance there! (that's the cran-grapefruit vitamin water, for those of you who joined the vitamin water craze a little late in the game.... now, for those of you who have been loving it from the beginning: remember FRUIT water? it was like vitamin water, but clear and not sweet and i was obsessed with it). Anyway, point being, i will be filling my suitcase with Balance for my return trip. Im bringing that sh-stuff back to baltimore or SURE.

so, i'm biding my time before take off. listening to Grizzly Bear (which reminds me of my brother, who i'll be seeing in a matter of hours) and doubling down on tylenol (which i thought i hadn't packed, but totally had). i can't wait to get to Seattle!

in the meantime, i will alternate between stitching up some new slim-line knitimal wallets & playing games on my phone. some work, some play, makes danamarie a happier traveller.

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