Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plush You wrap up & photo album!

Well, I've been back from Seattle for over a week, but just haven't had the time to do what I thought would be a post good enough to do justice to the amazing trip & the equally amazing impetus for the trip: Plush You 2009! I decided I'd break the trip down into important "sections" and cover each one separately--- most important of all? Plush You of course!

(pictured: me, Jenni of SLC Studio, Leeanna of Plush Goodness & Marcy of MoonsCreations)
The show was amazing. I finally got to meet some of my fellow Etsy Plush Team members, who prior to the opening were just witty messages & photos of their work online. These are some KICK ASS women, let me tell ya. Not only is their work beautiful, and meticulously crafted, but they are fun, fun, fun. See, it DOES take cool people to make cool stuff. Here we are flashing our Plush Team Gang Sign. Aren't we tough?

(pictured: Plush Goodness, by Leeanna!)
There was just SO much work to be seen... on average, every one of the over 100 artists had 3 pieces in the 4 different venues for Plush You (which doesnt even include the Plush You Jewels over at Fancy). That's a lot of art, my friends. I took a million pictures, and wanted to buy it all.

I couldn't buy it all... but i could buy these two pieces, by Sewing Stars & Boo-Ba.

It's taken me eons, but I've finally gotten all my photos from Plush You 2009 up on my flickr... enjoy!

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Leeanna Butcher said...

hee hee! :D so great to meet you at last! :D