Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Charity of the Month: Cancer Research Institute

It's the Holiday season again... which means its time to turn up the giving-charm.

Every year, here at greenstarstudio, we practice putting the heart in art, by partnering with a charity for an entire month, in order to raise awareness and money for people & animals & places in need.

Choosing this month's charity was, sadly, not difficult at all. I, like so many others, unfortunately know way too many people who have been directly affected by Cancer. It's taken mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, & from far too many friends.

I wish my list of people who've done battle or have been affected by this terrible disease was shorter (if not completely non-existent), but its not. Its way too long and has been so for too long a time. My dear friend Ali, has invested so much of her young & vibrant life recently to supporting BOTH of her parents through their fight (read her brilliantly written letter to Cancer here). Ali's birthday is Oct. 15th, and I decided last month that as my birthday gift to her, I would like to help her raise money for her favorite charity. So, with that, I'm proud to announce that The Cancer Research Institute is the October Charity of the Month.

From today through October 31st, 5% of ALL my etsy sales will go directly to the Cancer Research Institute! And on OCT 15th, i'll donate 15% of the sales! So shop and know you're supporting a good cause. You don't need to include a code or do anything but fill your cart and enjoy the benefits. Now's a great time to stock up on birthday & holiday gifts, and let your purchase do double duty.

Just a few weeks ago, I learned that my good friend, Megan had Lymphoma... she's only just started grad school and today, she also starts Chemo. I made her the OoAKie pictured above, as a "voodoo doll" of sorts. She says "totes" (instead of Totally) a lot, so i figured her Cancer VooDoo doll would too.

And, keep an eye on the shop for plenty of brand new OoAKies just waiting to be customized into Cancer VooDoo dolls, like Megan's. They make wonderful, life affirming, giggle-worthy, clutchable, reminders of love, for anyone you know who could use a little boost of "I'm thinking of you", while they fight for their lives. The dolls are customizable too--- I can include a special message just from you--- just include a note in the Message to Seller section as Check out!

Thanks for helping Ali & I support such a worthy cause.
Love & Health,

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Leeanna Butcher said...

awesome- I love the voodoo doll- let's hope it works like it's supposed to and kick that cancer's ass.