Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wanna guess?

Lots of great guesses so far, but no one's gotten it quite right yet.

Give it a try... The first person to get it right will win one!

So, what are they???
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Block Party Press said...

Here's all I got:
Change purse
Business card or Credit card Holder
tiny pillow
condom holder

I want one whatever they turn out to be!

Yummy and Company said...


Sweet Pepita said...

haha! Condom holder... priceless! I thought they were coffee cup don't burn yourself things, but now I don't know ;)

Chedder Fish said...

Art Journal covers?

Chedder Fish said...

Coasters?! (hope more than 1 guess is ok)

Lil Trez said...

Hand puppets!

Where is my prize!

ramsey said...


robin said...

robot parts??? soon to be robots??

Ellen Ault said...

Ipod covers!