Friday, July 24, 2009

wii are getting fit...

ever since summer camp ended, we've been enjoying the benefits of a life with a Wii Fit (and yes, i realize this is a life that MOST people embarked on years ago... we a slow to jump on band wagons... remember? we watched Twin Peaks last year and just finished The Wire, even though we live in the city the show is centered around and was filmed in for 5 years). Anyway, we're not the only ones enjoying the Fit.

Submitted into evidence: Mason enjoying the Fit.

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Bridget Marie said...

OMG!! SO trueee!!!
Merlot and Momo get on mine all the time!!!

And Jay and I just got one for Christmas -- so we're only a FEW months ahead of you really...

; - )

LOVE YOU MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!