Sunday, May 10, 2009


and now i'll let a kitten out of the sack...
i've been invited to be a part of Plush You! again this year.
this is a huge show, with dozens of amazing plush artists from around the world. and its a great party too! i participated in 2007 and actually headed out to Seattle to witness its splendor in real life---- and my brother fell in love with the Emerald City; I missed the show last year, but decided to get my butt in gear soon enough to actually apply this year and lo and behold... success. AND, i will be going back out again this year, which is huge because not only will i get to see my brother in his new city and meet his dog, i'll get to reunite with plush makers i met last time and meet new favorites i only have e-relationships with.... like this lovely lady with whom i've exchanged both fabulous emails and overseeing of our dogs forging a long distance love affair. (mason sends his love, waffle!).

so, what will i show this year?
i'm thinking these new guys...
reveal on it's way!

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Leeanna Butcher said...

awww! Waffle sends her love to Mason. :D
it's a pleasure exchanging emails with someone so talented! :D