Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Charity of the Month! MD SPCA, March for the Animals

yes, friends, it's that time of year again... the time of year when Mason, Finnegan and i beseech you to help us protect & care for some very needy animals.

we've all been hit by this struggling economy, no doubt... small business has felt it; i'm sure you're noticed your grocery bill creeping up and whoa, doggies, is that gas ever climbing, but few people realize that the humans aren't the only ones hurting here... our animal friends are feeling it too. SO many people have had no choice but to turn their dear animal friends over to countless shelters across the country, when the cost of feeding and caring for them became too burdensome... that, on top of the already over crowded shelters, is putting a great deal of strain on these facilities and the people who work very hard, every day, to help keep these once loved pets alive and in good health.

you know you should adopt your pets. you know you should have them spayed or neutered. you know you should keep your pets on a leash and get them microchipped and always do everything you promised you would do when you brought them home and gave them a name, but unfortunately, not everyone does these things, and because of it, there are a lot of helpless animals in need.

well, don't fret! i'm giving you a chance to scoop up some fabulous goodies AND help support the MD SPCA. Beginning April 1st, you can enjoy free shipping off any purchase of $10 or more AND the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that 10% of your purchase price is going directly to animals in need. Just enter code MDSPCA in the "notes to seller" section at checkout, and wait for a revised PayPal invoice (Sale valid through Sunday, April 29th at 11:59pm). If you're interested in donating money without buying a bunch of stuff, you can also donate money on my pledge page.

And this month only, order a custom knitimal of your pet for only $100; $20 of which goes to the MDSPCA. If you've been wanting to get one... now would be a great time to do it! Knitimal Pets are about 8-10" tall and make great gifts for animal lovers; all i need is a picture of your furry friend and a little time to knit it up! If you're interested in ordering one, just send me an email!

You have until Sunday, April 29th, 11:59pm to cash in on all the animal-lovin-goodness, so go ahead and feel good about shopping!

And, if you want to check out all the good you're doing first hand... Mason and I would love to see you at the March on April 19th.

xoxo, danamarie, mason, & finn

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Bridget Marie said...

Definitely will try to be there!
Love Mason's pictures, he is such a patient good boy! ; - )

Miss you guys!