Wednesday, February 4, 2009

valentine's day "Secret Cupid" gift pack!

roses wilt.
diamonds are expensive.
EVERYONE does chocolates.

Why not surprise your special someone with a Knitimal Secret Cupid Gift Pack!

Order by Monday, February 9, 2009 and get guaranteed delivery for Valentine's Day (Domestic shipping only... International Orders may take longer).

When this little package arrives in the mail, your loved one will shriek with glee!
Starting with the hand drawn and sweetly decorated package itself.

On the inside they will find:

*a one of a kind recycled plastic knitimal pin
*a set of 7 Knitimal stickers
*2 knitimal LOVE cards... one will be blank on the inside, for them to use in the future; the other will hold YOUR very special message, which i will write by hand, in pretty red ink. =
*and an assortment of valentine's day candy

get extra points from the lucky recipient for being proactive and clever!
Not to mention how popular you'll be for sending the cutest and most original valentine!

wanna know more? visit my shop for more pictures and ordering information.

****orders must be placed by Monday, Feb. 9th, for GUARANTEED on time delivery... though, later orders might just get there on time anyway****

xoxo, danamarie

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Lauryn said...

It's so sweet gift pack for Valentines Day...