Friday, February 13, 2009


happy pre-valentines day to you all! i've been feeling a little "lazy" these days (a relative term for anyone who knows me... i'm never ACTUALLY lazy, just lazy by comparison); i have a lot of things on my plate, as always, and have been enjoying "my weekend" (thursday and friday) in pjs, laying on the couch and playing games on my blackberry. then i'll get restless and take mason for a well intentioned but often ill-advised hour long walk (he's not an "hour long walk" dog). and then... well, then i make banana bread. it's not BAD, per se, but its not great... it's empty and i can't get past the "there's something better you could be doing" feeling.

but in a very exciting twist of recent fate, i've had an idea for an illustration--- this hasn't happened in a while. i'm finding that teaching so many people to draw is making me fall back in love with this long abandoned gift of my own. and my new sketchbook (a gift from my dear hubby) has effectively had its spine cracked and the pages are being flipped with frenzied sketching... its a magical feeling. a wonderful replacement to the aimless running around and "organizing" or cleaning that usually fills my weekend.

also magical... this video gift my sister shared with me.
perfect send off to the weekend, i think.

here, smile.

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takinanap said...

let's see what u are sketchin'!