Tuesday, March 4, 2008

walters mural

lift off! 14 hours of ladder up & downing, paint can lid on and offing, and water bottle refilling later, we have a mural! i'm very proud to be able to say i have a painting in the walters art museum; having spent the last year or so working in the education program there and seeing, every saturday, just what a special place it is. it's great to see waltee (the much loved lion cub mascot brain child of brian ralph) come to life with all his friends... the knight, the muse, the samurai and the mummy (who, luckily enough, also happen to be among the most loved pieces of art in the collection). the space looks brighter, bigger and more welcoming to the kids and families who drop in every weekend too, and i think, it's a much more "art friendly" space. i hope it's loved for years to come! xoxo, danamarie

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