Friday, December 5, 2008

the cat's out of the bag... I'm in Baltimore Mag(azine)

the december issue of Baltimore Magazine is dedicated entirely to the handmade scene in Baltimore, and offers readers insight on their favorite (and soon-to-be favorite) local designers, as well as suggestions on how & where to shop local. That, as you all know, is a wonderful thing in this icky economic time, when so many self employed, daring & risk taking independent artists are counting, more than ever, on fellow consumers to help keep them afloat. I am no stranger to this, of course, so i was EXTRA excited when they contacted ME and asked for an interview...

Jessica interviewed me over the phone and we talked for over an hour. Cory came to our house to do the photo shoot which turned the studio into a live version Jenga game, as we moved furniture and balanced lights and tripods on coffee tables and windowsills.

*look how official and "photo-shooty" the room looks!*

and the end result?
a full page interview & photo grouping AND the main image on the contents page!!!

If you live local, go out and pick up an copy--- there's SO much great work in there; Holiday shopping will be much easier this year, me thinks! And if you live not-so-locally, you can check out SOME of the interviews and info online, here: Baltimore Magazine

remember, this sunday, Dec. 7th, i'll be at the Creative Alliance for Merry Mart. It's a great show with food, drink and FREE gift wrapping! So bring your reusable bags and head on over. I'll have plenty of soap, magnets, coloring books, ornaments, keychains, stickers, wood pieces, card games and more, including the very last of the 2008 Edition Knitimals, so get them while you can!

xo, danamarie


Leeanna Butcher said...

SWEET!! Congratulations! The photos look great- I love to see artist's workspaces. Good luck at the Merry Mart.

bridget marie said...

Haha! Well DUH!!
I have been WAITING for you to post this up!!
love you!
I am SO proud of you!

When the magazine came out I went around to everyone in my office and said "I KNOW HER! WE ARE FRIENDS!!!"

I hope no one thought I was weird...
Anywho, good job!!


Hyperchondriac said...

congrats! wish i was there to pick up a copy!

Sarah Elek said...

you are so cute in that picture! i am running out to pick up a copy! :) congrats!