Monday, November 17, 2008

the first of many holiday shows...

hello friends! well, we're back from our tiny little honeymoon and yep, right back to work. i'm exhausted and sick and totally overwhelmed BUT, very excited because we are officially in the heart of the holiday shopping season! i have SO much to still tell you about, but i'm going to spread it out, so you can have time to plan and so i have time to make more stuff!

i'm happy to announce about a half a dozen brand new products this season... how about screenprinted Knitimal bibs? or, 5 new Knitimal soap fragrances? would you be interested in TWO new Knitimal games? that's just the beginning too, but i'll let you be surprised.

so, where can you find me this coming weekend?
a MonSteR of a StUdiO SaLe, that's where!

hope to see you soon.
xo, danamarie
(for a complete list of upcoming shows, see the links list on the left side of the screen)

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