Thursday, September 4, 2008

things i love...

i realized, today, that i've been so busy lately, so overwhelmed with the working and the "waking up when the alarm says so" part of life that i'm not really taking time to smell those proverbial roses...

heck, i'm not smelling much more than wool & lesson plans (and the cigarette smoke that is "drifting" into our apartment, thanks to our recently acquired downstairs neighbor (and yes, suddenly the frequently naked, often cursing at the news or christmas specials, and on at least ONE occasion, peeking under our front door to look at puppy mason, former downstairs neighbor seems pretty darn good). i've been sorta... down. we're running the air purifier 24/7 (a term that annoys me and i am surprised i used) and spraying NeutraAir like it's free; my asthma has been, understandably, enraged, and in general... well, i need a change of scenery. this, it seems, is not likely to come anytime soon, so i decided to spend some time focusing on the things i have right here... the things i REALLY love.

like this:

cupcakes. these particular cupcakes were delivered out of the blue, by my dear friend katie, just because. and they are perfection... if you live in baltimore, run don't walk (and really-- run, don't drive, because you'll want to work off some calories first) to the baltimore cupcake company

or this mug:

estelle and i painted these mugs (we made two-- one for her mom, the aforementioned Katie, and one for me) for christmas last year. i painted the solid inside while she napped, and when she woke up, i sat her right in the chair and handed her the brush... that's where i bowed out. and of course, if you're drinking coffee or milk with your cupcakes, they're gonna taste better out of this mug.

even sweeter than cupcakes, is waking up or coming home from work to find a new vase of gerbera daisies (my favorite flowers, after Daffodils... if any of you were going to send me flowers) set up on the table or the mantel... this is a new treat of AJ's and i love it. he's told me (and i already knew it) that if he had more money he'd buy me fresh flowers everyday. this is pretty close and its just the best.

on second thought... THIS is the best.

this beautiful boy, who sits on the windowsill and watches the world go by. my little hero. him i love.

xo, danamarie