Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the mural that never was

for four brief, fleeting days, there was a 2040 sq ft wall, in baltimore city, with my name on it.
this image (my MOST favorite mural image to date ) was chosen, by a panel of judges, to grace it.

well, politics has reared its VERY ugly, very biased, very irrational head again, and today, i lost the mural.
well, that's not entirely fair. i might've been able to keep it... provided i painted the side of the building to look like... yep, the SIDE OF A BUILDING. i would've LOVED the money--- i could definitely USE the money, but i am not a sell out. I don't do things "for money". I do things for me & for people; for education & inspiration.

*for the record--- this is NOT the city's doing. 'the city" is actually quite disappointed. "the city" has been nothing but good to me.

there's more to the story, but i'm going to bite my tongue and say instead this:
we are artists.
we are not machines.
this is an image that came from my heart. and i gave it to you, to make YOUR community happier, more inspired, and graced with creativity.
you are ignorant and foolish and misguided.
your community is missing out--- not just because i wont be painting there, but because NO original, genuine thought will be painted there.
this city is full of artists with voices-- heck, this WORLD is.
i hope some day you'll listen to them.

in the meantime, friends (and yes, i am writing this with a tear stained face), i love this image so much that i am going to transform it into a piece of my own; it won't be a mural, but it will be beautiful mixed media illustration and when it's done, i will post it here and if anyone wants one, you'll be able to find limited edition prints of it, right here.

xoxo, danamarie


MODNAROS said...


My heart goes out to you. The piece is truly beautiful and whether the decision is changed or not, you have inspired me, and I'm sure others to never let go of what you believe in ... no matter the price.

God bless and thank you.


averagejen said...

it's a great image, dana... it deserves to be on a 2040 sq foot wall.

Julie D'Arcy said...

It's a lovely image! You should save it. I bet if you keep a positive attitude and stick to your guns, another place for that mural will arise... Obviously the judges chose it because THEY liked it, and they probably have influence with others...
a.k.a. jvdarcy

sarah said...

It is times like these where it pays to remember, "There are idiots in every species."

If I had a giant wall, you could paint on it in a heart beat!

Stacey said...

It would have been a gorgeous wall, I'm glad you are going to share it in a different form.

kim* said...

very awesome work.

Leeanna Butcher said...

Amazing mural! If this community can't see that, they aren't looking close enough. Just looking at it made ME happier. Don't let the "man" get you down! I look forward to seeing your illustrated version.

takinanap said...

oh my gosh! this is a gorgeous piece. i would love to walk past it everyday in my beloved city. well...maybe it's meant to be on a wall in portland, maine.


Caitlin said...

Ugh, that's so ridiculous. Politics are absolutely idiotic.

I'm sorry. :(