Saturday, September 27, 2008

happy weekend!

wow. rough week. anyone who has sent me an email this week, and promptly NOT been responded to, probably figured that out. but, monday starts a new, equally trying week and for now, i am celebrating saturday night with a little "me" party and tomorrow, we're going to d.c. to see the henson (that's HENson, as in muppets, not HANson, as in blond brothers signing group) exhibit and that makes me feel like this.

enjoy your weekend, friends! xoxo, danamarie

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Bridget.Forney said...

OMG! How do you get him to sit still like that!? lol! Merlot would never stand for it. Anyway, it is good to have you back and writing again after that crazy week! ; - )
Merlot misses Mason dearly!