Tuesday, September 16, 2008

be a knitimal!

guess who?....

knitimals! wearing Knitimal masks! funny right?
ok, what about humans wearing knitimal masks?

and there's more where these came from... lots more. halloween is only a little over a month away, and if you're pressed for a costume, maybe a knitimal is a good way to go? or heck, why wait for halloween? you can wear one of these bad boys to the big meeting next friday. Or to happy hour. Or keep one in your purse or backpack to make people smile during rush hour. If you have little ones, how about adding a few knitimal masks to their dress up trunk/drawer/box/bag?

this idea was a long time coming, and now it has been realized... consider this a "sneak peek" of sorts; i'm probably only going to list a couple of these on etsy for now, so i can have a nice full basket of them for the belair festival this sunday, BUT, after the show (most likely Tuesday), i am going to list whatever is left of my stock into the etsy shop, so those of you in cyber space can browse at home.

of course, if you can't wait for next week, you could always check out what's in stock already...

blue mask on etsy
*remember-- all orders this month come with FREE SHIPPING (that's huge) and a percentage of the etsy sales will go to the september charity of the month: 2 Dogs 2000 Miles

from behind my mask, i wish you lots of xoxo, danamarie

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Hyperchondriac said...

i can see this as my halloween costume :)