Tuesday, September 30, 2008

and now for some animals...

it's been a very long day.
very long.
i am exhausted.
wednesday, for me, means teaching from 11am to 9:30pm; two different classes; two very different kinds of students.
my back hurts and my brain hurts. i had planned a very different kind of posy for today, but frankly, i am too tired to be witty or say anything terribly inspirational.

BUT, i remembered that i forgot to show you the pictures we took at the dc zoo the other day.
because, really... who doesn't want to look at super special animals?

komodo dragon. if you haven't seen the freshman, waste no time... a young matthew broderick & a komodo dragon.

a capybara--- like a giant guinea pig. fantastic.

hippo. you know how you "know" certain things, but you don't REALLY know them?
i *knew* hippos were big... but i didn't KNOW hippos were that big. do you get how big that hippo is? it's like a mini-van.
oh, and it can hold its breath underwater for 6 minutes. and its feet were super cute and squishy.

possibly the cutest thing ever. panda. napping. covering its eyes. amazing.

these two otters were totally performing. they did everything together; including jumping up on this rock so people could photograph them.

green magpie (yes, it's actually blue). i'm sorta completely in love with this bird. if i could DESIGN a bird it would look like this. i love it to tiny little birdie pieces.

um, i waited outside of here, but i understand it's a good exhibit (if you like those sorts of things)

soooo... on a non-zoo animal related note; we were getting pretty hungry and hadn't really planned to eat anywhere in particular, but the idea of chicken fingers and ice cream had become pretty attractive to us as the day wore on. we were going to stop by the concessions and get "real food", but having recently completed a marathon home viewing of the stephen king miniseries, kingdom hospital, in which a gigantic anteater named antubis (anteater-anubis) decides who lives and dies,

we were pretty keen on going to see the anteaters (who, as it turns out, had already gone to bed, and thus were not seen), so we kept walking away from the concessions and found ourselves super hungry around the same time as we found ourselves face to face with a hot dog vending machine.

i KNOW!!!

like a glorified microwave. hotdogs (rather "sausages") live in the machine and are heated when you select one. a bun is moved across the inside of the machine and opened by these little tong-things.

only moments later, a very hot hotdog is plopped into a bun, and the whole thing plopped into a plastic tray, and that whole thing rides a little hotdog elevator down to a doorway of magical wonder. and presto-- hotdog. there's even a little sliding door thing to access packets of condiments.

it was good.
it was really, really good.
also--- to be quite honest, even if it tasted crap, it still would've been good because i really like automated things and things in vending machines that don't belong in vending machines--- like shoes and underwear (which i hear you can get in japan).

speaking of hotdogs & amazing animals, i'll leave you with this.

xoxo, danamarie


bridget marie said...

I love that you say "I love it to little birdie pieces" lmao!
Love you!
Love Mason!
Bridge & Merlot

Dolcepuku said...

The capybara is always my favorite at the zoo. I spend hours watching him. He reminds me of the swamp rat in Princess Bride. Hope today is better for you.

lee lee said...

reading this way after the fact, but the hot dog a vend is just too much. I stole the photo to send as a present to Justin. Oh man. How great.