Friday, August 8, 2008

the end... and a beginning



D A N G!

that was a week well spent, methinks.

they're gonna need at least two movies to make that good.

*yes, that is a tissue next to the book... yes, it is used... yes, i cried.

i have to thank my good friend Alecia (the first "cool" person i knew who ever read Harry Potter), who made it acceptable to read children's literature, years before it was the "in" thing. i know there are a lot of harry and jk rowling nay-sayers out there, but for me, as an illustrator and someone who is constantly told "enjoy it while you have it, because no one reads anymore", i am ecstatic that someone, something, came along and encouraged and rewarded reading again. i am now climbing down off my soap box because a very sweet boy is looking to take me out on the town, for dates, i'm afraid, are few and far between these days. did i mention i woke up to this the other morning?

and this

and this


love is magic.

also magic... people who dedicate their lives to animals.
(a segue for the next post... you'll see)
xo, danamarie


Jillian said...

I remember when I was in middle school and I had just finished reading the 3rd harry potter book. I thought sadly to myself, I'll be in college by the time the last book comes out, I probably won't like reading them anymore. Well, I was wrong. I followed Harry Potter till the end ::tear:: and I will never make such assumptions about "childrens books" again. I'm glad you enjoyed the last book:) I actually just got finished reading it again haha

elisaann said...

Yes! I think Harry Potter is one of the best book series of all time. I read the final book last summer and then had to re-read the entire series over again. I couldn’t get enough of it!

What a great bunch of notes to wake up to- you’ve got a real sweet guy! Lucky duck.