Friday, August 29, 2008

checking in, cleaning house & touching base

i know, i know--- i totally left you all hanging. i am such a bad blogger. i really am. why do i have one? i am too busy to maintain this thing... well, if you're reading this, thank you for not giving up on me. i will say that YES, the calf was born; yes i have pictures, and yes, they are amazing. And there was so much else that was awesome. The problem is the pictures are all gigantic and i just can't justify the time it'll take to re-size them (and a hundred other pictures for a hundred other blog entries i want to post) when i have the following on my plate for the next two weeks: one on one portfolio prep for 10 homeschool middle school-aged boys, 2 different classes of 2-5th graders, training someone to cover my shifts at the museum while i take on the aforementioned classes, an adult drawing class (teaching, not taking), a mural proposal, two art festivals (one of which i wont be at, because i'm teaching... thus opening up another realm of "AAAAAAAAH" as i figure out how to delegate the set up of my space to another person), cleaning the studio, 3 commissions, battling with my insurance company & allergist (my main question being: "do you seriously want me to pay you for services rendered 4 years ago? i can't even remember if i actually GOT those tests"), sewing 10 new knitimals... 2 of which i intended to post on etsy by Saturday (they're autumnal), making a hundred billion things for the upcoming shows... and i'm sure there's more that i am willfully pretending aren't happening.

They're good things... like the TWO Young People's Studio Classes i'll be teaching at MICA--- "Real & Fanciful Landscapes" and "Draw a story, Tell a story" for grades 3-5 & 2-4 respectively... i'm a great teacher, so if you're local, let me teach your kids. I'll show them the pictures from the fair, how bout that? Oh, and there's video too! I have to figure out how to post video (that'll actually play). Anyway, i have to put the computer away now and focus on sewing, because that's what is necessary right now.

oh, and also, i can't go in my kitchen for, oh, ever, because i spied a giant roach in there and i would rather do any of the top 10 things you might list right now that you would never, ever want to do, than to go anywhere near a roach... my poor AJ is in there right now whacking at it... either way, this might be a new weight loss plan because even if it is "proved" dead, i'm staying far away.


anyway... i've procrastinated long enough.
i have sewing to do... tonight! and, well, we're FINALLY going away this weekend and i'm HOPING to bring the computer along, so we'll see. BUT, look for new stuff in the shop on Monday, and some very worth-the-wait posts coming up. really. in the mean time, here's a current favorite picture of my favorite 4-legged boy. (such a cop out, i know).
xo, danamarie

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Leeanna Butcher said...

LOVE the photo of Mason- all those greens are so peaceful. Take a deep breath and enjoy your weekend!