Friday, July 11, 2008

artscape in 6 days and counting!... and piles...

... now don't let that naive smile fool you; getting ready for artscape 2008 is no joke. artscape, you might not know, is actually the largest free, outdoor art & music festival in the NATION. yeah, the nation. as in the country. as in america. that's big. and its here... in baltimore! go figure. *i*, for one, am very proud of being a part of artscape.

... i am also very tired, being a part of artscape.

yes, its 3 days of very hot weather, random periodic rain showers, giant crowds, tons of sounds and smells (and hand cut fries; also known as "festival fuel" in my booth) and even (and this hurts me to acknowledge) a performing monkey ( i am now changing the subject because the monkey upsets me greatly, though i'm sure he makes some children quite happy, and in that way, the monkey, whose name i believe, is django, and i are similar; and the idea that django and i might be kindred spirits in that way upsets me more).

what artscape also is, is a time of great sleeplessness, great preparation & great new finds. it's also a time of great big piles.

piles of paperwork (the logistics of such a show must be monstrous... but you wouldn't know it on this end. note the folder and all the mailings i have been collecting from them).

piles of work waiting to be made. everything here will find its way to artscape next weekend... except it'll be sanded, refinished, collaged, painted, sealed, and packaged.

piles of knitimal parts waiting to be sewn, stuffed and sewn again. some already have names and name tags... others will find their names once i actually "meet" them, in their final 3D form.

piles of paint (and more boxes), waiting to be applied.

and of course... the most important piles; piles of booth display, merchandise, tent walls, table clothes, signage and more.

piles. piles. piles.

so, rest assured good friends, i am amidst piles, but its a good thing.

*** also a good thing: stay tuned for an ARTSCAPE COUPON (printable and bring-with-able for big savings at the show); a chance to win a greenstarstudio gift basket; and a chance to catch me on the news (along with a few of my good friends from B.E.S.T.. I'm going to blog about some of my newest products too, so you know what to expect and what to lust after! ***

speaking of lust--- for any of you local folks looking at greenstarstuff on etsy; if there is anything you would like to purchase off etsy before artscape, please do and i can bring it with me to artscape and save you shipping. just let me know!

and don't worry out of towners--- if you don't live in Baltimore, or DO, but won't be coming to the festival, there's going to be a comparable discount in my etsy shop all of artscape weekend (why should you be punished?).

i think that's all for now.
ok... where did i put those scissors?
xo, danamarie

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