Sunday, May 25, 2008

vida's market & a sneak peek...

hello friends! first, let me thank you all for your diligent emailing, even in the face of my diligent "not-checking-my-email"; as will soon become apparent, i have holed myself away and have given myself strict "no interaction with the cyber-people" limits the last few weeks. partially because i can't get online at home at all and am tired of schlepping to any number of random wi-fi locations (ps, my grocery store has wi-fi... w(hy)i? ) and the posts from the phone, while convenient, are never as pretty and my thumb gets tired of typing. the main reason, however, is the show i have coming up this weekend (... and the one the following weekend, and the one the following weekend... yep, three back to back weekends of greenstar-markets!). so, i've been stock piling merchandise, making new wholesale order sheets, painting, sewing, cutting, laminating... you name it. if it ends in "ing" i've probably been doing it. but this is all good news because the shows on the horizon are amazing ones and i am very excited to be participating again or for the first time, and even more excited to be able to show up with brand new items. and those items will making their debut this saturday, may 31st at vida's market. for those of you in the New York City area, you have GOT to come check this show out.

look how happy those kids are with their handmade clothing and sweet knitimal friend!

(photo credit: christine trotta)

"Vida’s Market is the first market in New York City
dedicated to selling handcrafted, original items for children,
babies and expecting moms. We provide a place where
up-and-coming designers can show their work to the public".

i'm really excited about the prospects of a show in NYC and am really impressed by the vendors who will be making appearances at the market. SO, get on a train, or in your car or on your bike and come check us out!

now, i suppose i can't just tell you to come to a show and say there will be all new items without at least giving you some idea of what you might expect... ok, i can do that.

if you loved the first 2 coloring books, maybe you'll love the next two. that's right! expect TWO brand new greenstarstudio coloring/activity books, designed to help your little one (or not so little one... i seem to sell about half of these to adults who keep them in their desk drawers at the office and color when the work load gets a little too intense) tackle new concepts like counting and spelling! here's a sneak peek at the new counting book...

if playing games is a little more your kids' speed, perhaps "knitimatch™", a brand new matching memory game will fit the bill. the illustrations are mine all mine, and each set of 36 cards (18 pairs) is hand cut and corner rounded (by hand) to keep those little eye balls poke-free, and packaged in an easy to tote plastic bag.

i know for a fact that it's quite popular with the 2 year olds!

and while Knitimals are typically STRICTLY one-of-a-kind, who wouldn't want to find TWO of these cuties?

also packed up and ready for new york: brand new magnets, car/ home window decals, knitimal magnet decoration/game boards, hand painted t-shirts, all new journals, lunch boxes (yep), recyclimal™ re-loved knitimals, and brand new organic Knitimals.

On that note... i am off to the studio. i'll try to check in with you in the next few weeks, but probably won't update the etsy shop until after these shows are over, SO, if you want something, come to a show! (check the side bar for more info).
until then, xoxo, danamarie

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