Wednesday, May 7, 2008

almost done... for now

hi friends! i know many of you have been concerned about me (thank you for all those sweet "where have you been" emails you've sent the last couple weeks... i know, i've been hard to get a hold of); i assure you i AM fine... just very busy. as i've now successfully ( i think) explained, in individual emails, i've been buried under awful, awful "from the bowels of hell" asthma and allergies, and battling to finish the mural (here it is on day... technically day 7, but day 6 only lasted about 15 minutes and i had to leave because i couldn't breathe), and getting ready for all the shows i have coming up. it's going to be a really exciting show season too. i can just tell. on that note--- i have to go make more coloring books (yep, i finally finished the counting book). xoxo, danamarie


Anonymous said...

Wow! The mural looks amazing. Good luck with your upcoming shows!

katie said...

So Danamarie Hosler.... YOU make me feel like that little girl and you are every one of those faces pouring love and care and attention and wisdom upon me. you inspire with your words, actions and your art. I love you