Wednesday, April 2, 2008

a wonderful letter

hello friends! i hope you are all having a "nice" day. i certainly am (despite the fact that i had my taxes done yesterday and left feeling very sad... why oh why do the small businesses suffer? hence, my friends, you MUST buy handmade... but i digress... this is supposed to be about NICE things). I got this wonderful e-letter a few weeks back and just keep forgetting to share it with you all.

Dear Danamarie,

I have a story to tell you.

My partner, Sheila, and I live in Nashville, Tennessee, with our two little boys, Trenton and Sean. Sean is 2 and Trenton is 4 1/2. They both attend {a daycare}, where the teachers are not only loving and kind but also celebrate diversity.

Yesterday morning, Trenton asked if he could take The Different Dragon to "school" and we said yes without hesitation. His teacher read it to the class and a spontaneous discussion ensued about different types of families, including protagonist Noah's family with two moms. Several of the kids said that they wished they could have two moms too and how special that was. The kids enjoyed the story so much that they have asked for it to be read again and again.

I don't know about you, but Sheila and I did not grow up in this kind of open, loving environment that celebrates being different. It touched us so deeply that The Different Dragon was embraced by the children and teachers at our daycare. Thank you so much for illustrating The Different Dragon. Your beautiful, whimsical artwork truly brings the story alive.

Through your art, you are helping to create a more loving world for our children.

With warmest regards,

Lisa, Sheila, Trenton, and Sean
Nashville, Tennessee


isn't that wonderful!?
i am very proud of the different dragon and i'm thrilled to know (because i hear stories like this all the time) that others are enjoying it as well.

i'm off to work on some applications, but i'll check back in soon (i have a lot to tell you about!). remember, this Friday is the last day to leave a comment and sign the guest book to win a little Knitimal Tooth Fairy! Until then, let's all play nice, ok?
xoxo, danamarie

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