Wednesday, March 26, 2008

butt uglee!

so, you know how picky i am right? i mean, when it comes to art and especially when it comes to art for kids and MOST especially when it comes to birds? well, i'd like to introduce you to my newest obsession... butt uglee!

a couple weeks ago i get an email from a woman i can only assume is my long lost twin... trust me, if you read the email you'd agree. and she tells me she's been stalking my work (oh, we use the term "stalking" to mean: "loving on from afar", totally cool, totally legal); i, naturally, go to her etsy shop and over the next few hours, there's a mutual stalk-fest and before any soft sculpture knows what hit it, off goes a box of knitimals to colorado and a box-o-uglee coming to baltimore. well... now the knitimals are a gracious bunch, so they are making their new friend right at home (they look comfy, no?)

just LOOK at it! how cute and wonderful is this bluebird?! little not-yet-here baby of mine is going to have the best birdified room ever. since you can't touch this bluebird yourself, i'll tell you it is SO well made, great detail, hilarious face and i love love love his little wire legs. how great are they!? you need one, right?

and the tag? its so wonderful. everything has this great vintage feel to it (but weird. good WEIRD vintage). there's such humor in jennifer's work... i love it. but it makes sense... there's great humor in HER.

you have to read her blog. it's a hoot! (i can't believe i wrote "hoot", but i like it; it's bird themed). butt uglee blog

so, thanks jennifer, for my new friend (can you even find him in this picture? yes... that IS my studio. yes, i DO get work done in there. NO, i don't know where the charger is for my external hard drive... can you find it? never mind that, it's not your problem)

****and if you want to see the Knitimals now living with jennifer, go here

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