Friday, February 1, 2008

knitimals on the (k)news!

buy local is a big thing nowadays (and a good thing, yes?). amuse toys of fell's point, the foremost Knitimal retailer in the world, got a nice little spot on local tv at the end of 2007. this aired on WBAL channel 11, here in Baltimore, about a week before Christmas. Now, i didn't know about it until a few weeks later, when the lovely jennyjen said "oh hey, congrats on being on the news"... and i said "what!?!?". then over the following week i had more and more random people approach me about it. i'm still working on finding the complete segment, because i know the knitimals and i were given a "by name" shout out (and you can see in the video that lambingo and dillen are waiting for their close-ups...); sadly, this clip fades to black before it ends. oh well. for now, this is still pretty nice. enjoy! xoxo, danamarie

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