Monday, February 11, 2008

and then there's mason

it's the end of an era (granted, it was a very short era); an era of doglessness, silence in the apartment, an era wherein the only smells were ones of our creation, the only toys mine. yes... we have a puppy. his name is mason and he comes from pennsylvania. he was the first of 5 puppies born on december 1, 2007; and now he's ours. we named him mason as an homage to shiloh (what? that doesn't make sense to you?)... ok, we used to call her mason because sometimes when she slept her face scrunched up a little and her one eye looked like it was rolling around in the socket. it wasn't a pleasant face, per se, but it made her look a heck of a lot like mason verger from "hannibal", which i LOVE (but not nearly as much as a love Silence of the Lambs and really, let's not pretend that they are on the same tier, because they aren't), nevertheless, Hannibal has some great moments (pigs trained to eat people? yes). now, our mason is much cuter than the character gary oldman played... who by the way, carved his face off, at hannibals behest and fed it to his dogs (did i mention i make children's art?) and is a miniature longhaired dachshund. he's 4.1 pounds and he shouldn't get to be more than 11 pounds, so he needs a strong name. the other part of the story is this: shiloh wanted us to get a mini doxie. she told us. about a year ago, my mom sent me a link to a picture of a particularly amazing mini doxie for sale. i printed it. his name was binky. i showed the picture of binky to shiloh and asked her if we could have him . she gave me her paw (that meant yes) and i asked, can we have him now? (no paw, no). so the questioning went on for a few days and she kept telling us we COULD have him, but not yet. eventually, i posted his picture above her food bowl with a note that she should let us know when we COULD have him. occasionally we'd get impatient and ask her again and finally, in late november, she said we could get him... tomorrow? (no), in a week? (no), in a month? (no), in a few months? (yes). YES?! oh we were so excited! of course we knew we couldn't really bring a new dog into the house... she'd never go for it.

Cut to a few months later; our house is empty (except for a now very confused cat), and there's little Mason, available and waiting in PA. Our ride back to Baltimore was rather uneventful (except for the fact that AJ or i would occasionally say "we have a puppy!?"). Mason slept on my lap, chewed bears face (bear was one of Shiloh's toys), looked out the window, slept, chewed, slept.

Our next project is crate training and housetraining. He's really good on his pee pads, but it would be nice to have a dog who pees outdoors... or in a litter box, that's my other project. So, for now, expect more puppy pictures than ART pictures for a while. I have a feeling we'll have our hands full with this little guy! xo, danamarie

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Aloutka said...

funny, and touching (in the same time) story. I'm a fan of your Knittimals, but puppy is OK too :D Good luck for you all then.